Subjects discussed include


A Multivariate Systems Model of Technology


The Academic


A Narrative and Typology of Technology


Models for Business Management of Technology


The Main Causal Directions in the Model

The Author

Geoff Crocker portrait

Geoff Crocker studied economics and philosophy of science in the UK.

Following an initial career in aerospace with Rolls Royce, he then worked extensively internationally, advising multinational industry clients in technology market strategies, including IBM, Yamaha, ABB, as well as a wide range of SMEs.

Over the last twenty years he has focussed on the rapid development of the Russian industrial economy, working to develop and implement corporate strategies for major clients in many sectors of the economy, including SUEK, Power Machines Group, Ilim Pulp, United Heavy Machinery, and EBRD. He also advised the Russian government on the impact of WTO membership, and authored the International Energy Agency report on the Russian coal industry.

His book combines an academic interest in the philosophy of technology, with practical methodologies for business management of technology strategy. It is thus conceptual and practical, academic and managerial.

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